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Global Entrepreneurs, LLC brings conscious entrepreneurs together centered around love and abundance. 


We support one another, our communities, and the greater good.

Who We Are and What We Do
What We Do


Successful Collaborations

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No Clocks

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Love No Ego Foundation, Inc

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Other Movements

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Multiplying is greater than Dividing. X>% is something that we truly believe in and is a
source of Hope and Power. In order to reach our full potential as a people, we must
come together and help each other rather than divide and compete against one another.
Now, more than ever, we must unite as a people and stand up for what is right! Our
Strength in Numbers line is aimed at spreading the message of Unity, while living in a
climate that is aimed at dividing us.

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To us, No Clocks is much more than an expression, it’s a way of life! The No Clocks line
is aimed at reminding people to come back to the present moment. It will never be the
future and it will never be the past…it will always be NOW. Living in the present moment
helps us forget about our worries and concerns and allows us to be fully present and
fully aware, which in turn allows us to experience life on a deeper level and further
appreciate the moment. We hope you like the designs that we have come up with for
our No Clocks Line and we hope you can live the No Clocks Life!



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