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​Global Entrepreneurs Collective Agreement and Info

  • Fee is $100 per year. Once we review your app, we will notify you of our decision. If accepted, you will be directed to pay at that time.

  • Applications will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Fees will never go up more than 3%/yr.

  • Members will have a Standard of Conduct to uphold

    • Ethical, Moral, employee treatment and Environmental Impact will all be factors, among other things.

  • Members required to share posts of other members once a week in addition to sharing a post about Global Entrepreneurs and the featured account of the week

  • GE will divide the members into regions/categories and posts will be shared within each region/category as well as exploring domestic and global options/opportunities.​

  • Members will vote when changes are necessary, and suggestions will be taken seriously.

  • In year one GE will designate all membership fees to marketing our brand to the fullest in order to gain more web and social media presence for the collective and a minimum of 25% of all membership fees will go toward marketing after year one.

  • GE will hire a social media manager and will constantly share members’ posts and provide a link and short description of each member on our website

  • GE will promote the collective at all festivals and events we attend.

  • GE will donate 10% of all Net Profits to a non-profit organization of our choice, chosen annually via vote of the collective.

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