Global Entrepreneurs Collective


  • $200/yr fee will never go up more than 3%/yr. Thirty day cancellation with $100 non-refundable due to efforts in creating/adding your business profile and associated marketing costs. No refunds after 30 days. 
    Standard of Conduct: ethical & moral member treatment as well as environmental impact are all factors.

  • Members required to share posts of other members once a week in addition to sharing a post about Global Entrepreneurs and the featured account of the week. We will divide the members into regions/categories and posts will be shared within each region/category. Members will vote when changes are necessary. Suggestions will be taken seriously. GE designates all membership fees to marketing our brand to the fullest in order to gain more web and social media presence for the collective and a minimum of 25% of all membership fees will go toward marketing after year one. GE's Social Media Manager will consistently share members’ posts and provide a link and short description of each member on our website. GE will promote the collective at all festivals and events we attend.

  • GE will donate 10% of all net profits to a non-profit org via vote.