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Global Entrepreneurs, LLC brings conscious entrepreneurs together centered around love and abundance. 



Global Entrepreneurs, LLC is a small company based out of Southern Oregon. Our primary goal is to help others. We aim to change the outdated perspective of fear and scarcity which has led to an overly competitive business environment. This has been the nature of our business world for far too long. Our goal is to bring to the business world an outlook centered around love and abundance. We will lead by example and help other businesses and individuals achieve their goals by giving artists a platform to sell their products, cross-promoIon of other like-minded companies and by building an alliance of like-minded businesses and individuals to do the same. By coming together as businesses, we can cross-utilize our resources, share thoughts, strategies and ideas and ultimately create a much more transparent and successful platform. Our own products are centered around positive messages in hopes of helping the world gain a deeper sense of peace and togetherness while also appealing to the eye (third eye included) and the mind. We hope that you will join and support us in our cause. If you are an artist or business that would like to inquire about partnering with us please see our Contact page and reach out! Much love and abundance to you all and thank you for visiting our humble website.


Through the cross-utilization of our resources, shared thoughts, strategies and ideas, we can create a committed network that breathes true success.

Global Entrepreneurs (Vision)
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The Global Entrepreneurs Logo

Our logo encapsulates Mother Earth, The Tree of Life, The Sun, The Moon and The Third Eye.

The Earth represents our home in which all life grows. The Earth is known to represent groundedness, stillness and potentIal.

The Tree of Life represents personal growth, strength and development.

The Sun and the Moon represent the Yin and Yang that is our world. The Sun traditionally represents more masculine qualities such as Power and Strength.

The Moon is known to represent more feminine characteristics such as calmness, beauty and nurturing. Each equally as beautiful and important as the other.

The Third Eye represents Spiritual Awareness and a gateway to spaces of higher consciousness; a state of enlightenment.

Our company represents the culmination of all of these symbols, and we hope to be a catalyst for the ongoing Conscious Revolution. Our hope is that Global Entrepreneurs will act as a reminder to spread love wherever we go and to connect with our higher selves.



CEO,  Josef Young

My career as an entrepreneur began as a kid many years ago when my brother and I would sell frozen concentrated juice cups to the other neighborhood kids during the hot and humid Virginia summer days...  READ MORE!

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